Homeward bound. (After we return…)

by wonderfullyrich on April 20, 2006

Yes I am indeed back. I even have employment here in Denver, temporarily. I’m working for Jones International (Who used to be Jones Intercable) doing PC Tech stuff. This should go on for 6 weeks or more, then I’m probablyback off on the run. I have reason to go to Seoul now, Dublin I want to try hard for, plus a road trip or two here in the states. (Mt. Rushmore, Olympia Wash., Hilo HI, etc) After the summer it looks like I’ve got a job and am heading back to Antarctica, this time maybe for a year. Needless to say my adventure isn’t over yet.

I’m working on the documentary I started filming whilst I was down there. I’m still logging them though so I don’t expect to have it in draft form till mid summer. Unfortunately (as some of you may have heard) the US Postal service managed to destroy 2 of my external hard drives which contain research, video clips, and pictures for this body of work. I managed to have a backup of the pictures I actually took as well as my music and other stuff, but the research is gone till next year. 🙁 Hopefully this will still be an interesting Documentary though and I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Now on to the meat. I don’t think I’ve shared this with you, but there is a bit of a story to this. Cindy Ogasawara (the women most responsible for teaching me to knit) took a government issue green journal (think of a legal size green that your mother would hate on a wall) in which she had as many people as she could fill out answers to the following questions. Much like
my interviewing people for posterity, she got great answers and classic insights into a summer in the life of a McMurdoite.


P.S. The photo included is of Cindy playing with an LC-130…


here it is, the fruition of your laboring over your sheet(s) in my green
record book.

some of the more memorable answers:

2. job at mcmurdo / why you are working here in the first place
– crary supply. I needed to see how such a nimbly-bimbly planet
could have such a sweet, cold ass. (jesse christensen)

3. # of seasons on the ice
– two, if you count 50 years ago. (lonnie clayton)

4. are you coming back next season? if so, as what?
– the answer changes every time I talk to my boss. (michael davis)

5. best thing about your job
– I get to see everyone, and sandwiches make people happy. (edith day)
– ripping donuts in a 42,000-pound tank in a snowstorm. (andre fleuette)
– getting off work at 2:00 pm and being drunk by 3:00 pm. (keith reimink)
– beautifying mcmurdo and painting boxes that asteroids go in. (andy
– entering redeployment forms — it allows you an insider’s look at who is
hookin’ up with who…better than People magazine. (amalia

6. worst thing about your job
– picking up soggy cigarette butts outside gallagher’s. eewww.
(jessica spence)
– cleaning up after filthy, stinking pigs of men. (seth turer)
– everyone (okay, some) thinks they can cook, so that a cooking job must be
easy…for 1000+ people, in Antarctica, with food that got ordered two years
ago and shipped down a year ago, and that if we would just see the error of
our ways and use their grandmother’s recipe everything would be better.
(zeke oliver)

7. favorite mcmurdo event
– seeing my name on the package list. (jacob soni)

8. favorite mcmurdo memory from this season
– breakdancing with laura in the yard. (michelle devaul)
– the skua that ate a hot dog. (jolene wilson)

9. favorite spot to hang out
– table slutting in the galley after meals. (bill jirsa)
– the sauna. I met a lot of the higher-ups there and was alone a lot, as
is necessary here. (scott boersma)

10. your best skua find
– four cans of pepsi zero — tasty! (sharon heilman)
– a towel. never forget your towel. (chipotle jeong)

11. one thing you wish the store would stock
– mcmurdo furry manthongs. (alan briggs)
– skittles. god help me, I love the fruity little bastards. (jeff klein)
– facial moisturizer that doesn’t smell like expired milk. (jessica

12. one policy you wish the chalet would change
– what’s the chalet? is that some sort of brothel? (kaya donaj-keys)
– the whole “no personal explosive devices” thing. dumb. (michael lamb)
– release the obsessive stranglehold on boondoggles. (tim o’connor)

13. person who has most inspired you at mcmurdo
– chris wilt. he’s inspired me to lock my door. I’m scared.
(nichole alhadeff)

14. favorite galley food
– kaya’s veggie food at lunch. the man is amazing. (sarah durand)

15. thing you regret not having done this season
– nothing. I did it all. now, if the question was ‘”who,” the list would
be long. (kirk bowyer)

16. what you miss most from home
– beer on screened-in porches with the song of cicadas. (erin popellka)
– baths. (richard lamanna)

17. what you miss least from home
– mowing the lawn. (harry fishel)
– wal-marts. (philip laura)
– paying for gas. (megan grass)
– flying leeches. (ian rees)

19. job at home (if any)
– poet at heart, geographer by training, gypsy by nature. (helena smolich)

20. draw your self-portrait.
– you know what tom cruise looks like? I look nothing like him.
(michael delaney)

so. now you have my off-ice e-mail address, and I have yours. please give
me a shout if you ever find yourself in the seattle area — I love to play
host, and my bird loves meeting new friends on which to chew.

be well and happy,
XO c.

Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver, “House of Light”

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Ariel Wyckoff 09.19.06 at 14:19

Hey! I know Cindy! She was in Peace Corps Mongolia same time as me — go Cindy!! What color was her hair during that time??