A new adventure, this time to Asia…

by wonderfullyrich on May 18, 2006

Been a little while since I tagged up this snowball list (and a few others), but as I’m still in Denver for a time it’s hard to remember to keep up.  I’m still working in a temp job that been extended until the 23 of June, but it can’t go much longer then that now.  I just booked the ticket’s so it looks like I’m headed to the following places in the following order.

Depart Denver June 24th
Shanghai, China via Los Angeles and Osaka Japan 
Chongqing, China (*Do a 9 day bike tour of the Yangtze river valley before it floods for the 3 gorges dam.)
Yichang, China
Seoul, South Korea
Bankgok, Thailand
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tokyo, Japan
Los Angeles

These are open ended tickets meaning that the initial date of departure is set, but the rest is not.  I’m still toying with the idea of jumping from LAX to SFO for a jaunt through San Fran and perhaps another trip to Seattle for the same, but I’ll have to see how the money goes.   I think I’ll be back in the states around August 5th or so, but it could run long or it could run short.

This snowball might last a while longer, so if your still interested in hearing about thing stay tune for more, if not, feel free to send a message to snowball-unsubscribe@harshplace.com and it’ll automatically take you off.  For those of you who don’t think you are on my list, but who’d like to be send an email to snowball-subscribe@harshplace.com and it’ll subscribe you.

I’d also like to mention that I have revamped my photo galleries going up on my website.  It should make it easier for me to put stuff up on the web whilst I’m in other countries.  I’ll primarily be putting stuff pictures and videos from this trip up on www.wonderfullyrich.net/gallery/main.php, however  www.harshplace.com/gallery/ is starting to contain the pictures from Antarctica that are left from the hard drive destructions.  This will be the place where you’ll see next year’s pictures as well.  Neither gallery is totally done, but the structure is begining to develop.

I’d also like to note that the video is still in production, and is a lot more work then one might suspect.  Hopefully we’ll have something before I return to the ice.


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