About Wonderfullyrich

Live in Washington DC am 28 (upon writing this in 2008) and am the IT guy for FCNL. On my off hours I live in a co-op in Columbia Heights where 8 of us we cook, talk, and wreak merry havoc. I also run, bike on my fixy, write blogs, read like there is knowledge to be gained ^_^ and try living a simpler life or at least simpler then American marketing wants. I can’t say I’ve succeeded, but then at this point I’m still young and learning. I don’t watch television and I don’t own one. I contact my congress people about once every two weeks and I vote.

I grew up in Denver, although I was born in Concord California. I arrived in Denver 6 months after I was born so I’ve known nothing different. The same is true for my step-father, I’ve known him only as a father. Jerry Peterson married my biological mother Laura approximately the same time we moved out here. My biological father, Sherman Jeong, was married to my mother for a time, but died falling of a waterfall near Steam Boat Springs, Colorado pursuing his favorite hobby, taking pictures. Needless to say I never knew him, but never felt I grew up in a broken home because of it. Mom and Dad (Laura and Jerry) raised me next to my brother (actually half-brother, by Jerry) Andrew without the perception being conveyed to Drewski (my name for my brother) and I that we were different.

My brother’s a year and a half younger then I and is at the time of this writing currently in DC with me at the co-op and at FCNL as the Grant Writer. As you see me here, add a 6 inches in height, change the hair to blonde, and put a smile on there. If you don’t want to imagine it, you can look at this collage that I created of his adventures during 2002.

We grew up in Denver so we remember the snow of 84, the Pope in Cherry Creek, Columbine shooting, and a multitude of other more sentimental memories. (I’ll never stop being sorry for conning my brother into riding the garage door and breaking his arm when we were 5 or so. Sorry Drewski) Both of us went to Denver Public Schools and seem to have resulted well from our education (although family undoubtedly helped and would likely have made any schooling useful). I started in kindergarten at Knight Fundamental Academy while it was a magnet school, changed to Hamilton Middle School in 6th grade, and finally ended up in George Washington for the computer magnet program where I graduated. Drewski and managed to go to the same High School together, which is comical in many respect given that we never really saw much of each other in GW. He was in the International Baccalaureate program and I was playing with computers. We had different friends, different values (at the time, we’re a bit closer in that spectrum now), different workloads of homework, different classes, etc. I didn’t really see him at lunch, or around school. I likely saw him on the way to school or the way home (although when I took a study hall first period I came in late so we most likely missed each other).

After High School I tried college for a bit and it didn’t work. I moved to Santa Cruz for 3 months and have love that place ever since. One of three uncles (on my mothers side) live there working in computers and generally having a grand time. I moved in and tried to take in the local community college. I failed to acclimate myself to the environment of college, and while the funding existed, it didn’t work out given that there was a communication breakdown. I tried again and succeed at Colorado State University for a year, but only spent a year there as the draw to things outside Colorado was to strong. I’ll likely get my degree before I’m 35.

Once I returned to Denver I found a job working for TeleTech (don’t ever work there unless you can deal with the idea of being a meat grinder), then TCI/AT&T as a contractor, then Knowledgeworkers Inc., then Computer Associates, then Qwest, Diversified Radiology, then as an Independent contractor, then Raytheon Polar services (McMurdo Station, Antarctica) before I joined FCNL. I’ve spent a several years learning how Information Systems or Information Technology works. I’ve fairly well versed in how to make computers work and I can make a decent living at it, although it’s no longer the light of my life.

I’m not religious, however if I was to classify myself as anything I’d be nearest a Quaker. I find religion currently to be missing much and way out of tune with science (Yes I believe they can happily coexist.) I find Quakers to be the most similar to my values in the humanism, respect for live, and their striving for peaceful (and useful) coexistence.