Home is where the food is….

by wonderfullyrich on March 24, 2006

I know the saying is Home is where your heart is, but as I reflect on the two weeks I’ve spent running around California, I’d have to say it wasn’t about my heart. It seems to have been about food… Good food. Soul Food.

I’ve had yet more Great Sushi, Thai, and Pizza in San Diego (not to mention my favorite, and some how forgotten, version from Linda of a tuna fish sandwich). Steak from the Texas Road house with Grandpa and Lila (a favorite past time of ours), delciouso pasta, and a date shake, in Yuma. Then my favorite Tapas restaurant in Sacramento (even though it wasn’t up to par as the chef left) as well as decent crepes, and yet more Steak (from the Road house). To top this trip off I’ve revisited the most memory filled pizza and Taqueria in Santa Cruz. (It’s been 7 years since I’ve eaten that great pizza and those chrizo super nachos, but they still taste great and the town’s as unique as ever.) ((Oh and Pete & Linda, I figured out it was Upper Crust not Pleasure Pizza. 😛 ))

If food is what can rule the heart then by all rights I should stay in California. 😉 But it’s time to head home, if only for several days. I need my Chipotle (and no I haven’t eaten it yet, as I feel I need the memory of my regular restaurant… I have driven by 3 of them however. And here I thought California would be safe as they hadn’t moved into it yet. hehe!) I need a small slice of the Mountains I know in the West before I go visit my brother in Washington DC and deal with Senators and dumb politics. It’s been fun tramping about the world and even more fun learning the intricacies of couch surfing and how to survive spending as little as possible. (BTW, thanks to all the relatives who really made this trip possible for me. There is no way I would have made it another two weeks whilst dealing with California gas prices if food and couches would not have proffered freely.)

I’m writing this on a beach in Santa Cruz, one where I used to come out and smell while I tried to go to school. I’ll spend a bit more time wandering down memory lane, then it’s time to drive the coast to LAX and see what sort of plane I can get on to come home. So this is the end of the snowball throwing, or at least it’s the last of the era of Cheap Raytheon travel. 🙂 Undoubtedly this will continue, but just let me know if you want off the list and I’ll cut you loose…

Stay tune,
Same Bat Channel,
Same Bat Time,


P.S. The photo is from San Diego right before sushi… Another beautiful sunset in another beautiful place.

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