Arrived at MCM!

by wonderfullyrich on October 10, 2005

I’m HERE!!! but of course Bill’s left the scene…. ARRRGH! I know it’s just because the know what havoc is created when we arrive, but sheesh, couldn’t they at least give me visiting privileges?

Seriously though, I arrived around 2pm (McMurdo time) and his bag drag (the last thing before leaving) was apparently at about the same time. I haven’t even seen the flighty bastard (or wait maybe I’m the flighty one), I was in the middle of the on base initial briefing while he was wandering off to the same plane I landed on… Ah well, he deserves a good beer tonight in a temperate climate after being in this place for 13 months. Cheers Bill. I’ll see you in about 5 months. (Don’t leave town on me again or I swear I’ll send the bounty hunters after you! :)) )

Needless to say I’ve settled in a bit and I seem to have quite the room, I’m in Building 203b room 101, but having been on base for 2 1/2 hours I’m not sure why it’s the catch of the day. I’ve settled in and am awaiting my boss so I can find out where and what I’m supposed to do tomorrow.

I’ve got plenty of video and pictures of the whole process that I’ve just gone through, but I’m not sure when I’ll put it up. It’s all rather interesting, especially for those who might do this some day. 🙂 hehe There’s also a bit I’ll have on my room and McMurdo itself.

For now I’m going to run off and see about where I’m working. I just wanted to inform everyone I’ve arrived safely.

P.S. I seem to hear the Skype seems to work fine down here, so I’ll try it out when I get a min.

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diaper king 10.10.05 at 21:03

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My site is a little off your topic but noteworthy. Why aren’t you in advertising or better yet a “think tank”. Can you teach this kind of creative thinking? Is it something you were born with? Keep the fabulous ideas coming! Let’s say a prayer for Pakistan and hope for the best.