an NZ update…

by wonderfullyrich on October 8, 2005

So some of you asked if I slept, and yes I slept on and off the entire trip out here. Not bad at all actually, no real jet lag to speak of as we took off at night and landed in the morning but ahead by a day so the adjustment wasn’t bad. (I’ll be hell going the other direction.)

Right now I’m still in CHC, as they bumped me off my flight this morning. I’ll be heading to the Ice tomorrow, I think unless the flight today boomareangs again (Goes out and then decides the conditions won’t allow for a landing and comes back). The weather on the ice is supposed to be bad for the next several days so I may be “stuck” in CHC for the next several days. (and that’ll be a pity at $200 kiwi dollars a day per diem)

BTW, I found out Bill is still on the Ice. I heard rumors he came up on the first flight off the ice (mainbody that is), but he’s still down there waiting to come back up. Not sure what his current schedule is though. He was supposed to come up the 10th and I’m not sure what’s happening with the boomerangs now.

Oh, btw the flight from CHC to the ice is 5 1/2 hours one way on a C-17 and 8 on a c-130. I’m flying on a c-17 but if I boomerang it’ll be 10 hours on a plane as they don’t turn back till they circle the runway once. (at least in a c-17) just thought you’d like to know how long I going to be spending on planes this round. I’ve always wanted to fly on one of these things, but now I’m not so sure it’s going to be pleasent.

Anyway, I’m stocking up on achohol as there is supposed to be a achohol shortage. I’ll use that to barter as well as getting some fresh fruit (bannanas), as bill says they are already despreate. I’ve met a crew here and already I seem to be popular for fixing things, uggh. :)) Speaking of friends I’ve only got a few mins before we’re supposed to meet for indian food, so I’ll get you more info tomorrow or so.

P.S. yes I do have pictures, but nothing interesting yet, you’ll see’m when they arrive. 🙂

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