Orientation at MCM

by wonderfullyrich on October 11, 2005

Today was just an orientation of my job and the work around me.

I don’t really have much to report at this point, but I wanted to get some of the videos from my flight out (the second time I was on the C-17) as some are probably the first time you might have ever seen the inside of a military jet. I found it was beautiful beyond words to have seen the ross ice shelf for the first time. That’s what your seeing in most of the video’s from the plane. Oh and sorry about the walk out from the plane, it was horribly shot, but it might give you some of the experience of being on the Ice. They told us on the plane “not to stop and take pictures” or they’d walk us back to the plane… Which I found out later was ludicrious, but whatever. I’d also like to note that this year the Ice runway is the closest it’s been in many, many years (perhaps ever) so the fact that it only took us 10 mins to get to town is anomoly.

An interesting that most don’t know is that McMurdo base (and the Kiwi’s Scott base) has 3 runways, 2 permanet and the ice runway. The ice runway is rebuilt every year for mainbody (which I arrived on). I have video of the buildings on ski’s that they use to administer it for the 2 months that it’s in operation. Hopefully I’ll get it up for you’ll to see. Ironically this year the runway is in the same place the icebreakers, tanker, and supply ship are coming through. I’ll see if I can’t get an overhead view and show ya’ll the layout.

On a more personal note, I’d just like to mention that if you guys ever do come down here, DON’T FORGET YOUR TOWEL!!! You’d think after reading Douglas Adams for years I’d remember to always bring a towel. Apparently not though.


Here’s the videos (linked from my website http://www.wonderfullyrich.net/)

1 Takeoff Safety.mpg
2 Where to Sleep.mpg
3 Antartica from the Air.mpg
4 Cockpit view.mpg
5 A bilthering idiot.mpg
6 One Small step (follow by a run).mpg
7 First looks at McMurdo.mpg

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