A Sunset and a Quick Update

by wonderfullyrich on April 7, 2013

This is a recent view at about 5:30pm, frankly a stunning view that happens daily.

These last few days have been about as idyllic as McMurdo weather gets. We’ve had sunsets like this at about 5:30pm out my desk window (geting a little less then 8 hours sunlight these days). On Friday evening only about -13F wind chill and was -1F without it which is how calm for winds have been for the last several days. I wish I had the time to get up Ob Hill to take advantage of it, but being near the end of antibiotic has me drained of energy. Although perhaps I was saving it for Math Club (As the guest DJ describes it: “Dance aerobics workout no alcohol allowed”). It was fairly epic, I’m sure a good 10-15% of the station showed up, which is impressive. Our weekends-day (we get weekends once per month, otherwise we get one day off per week on Sunday). Was a nice reprieve from the office, and I finally got my room cleaned. (Not to mention had a chocolate chip waffle, thank you Liz!)

In other news, I should have shared the Fast Ice is finally sticking. I think it’s been there for 2 weeks or so, but I seriously wondered how long we’d have open water around here. Of course if there is another seriously windy storm, it could easily break up and float out again.

We are prepping for our next two day weekend next week, so this will be a nice “short” week. I know it’s monday, but as time does down here, this week is going to fly. As it is, Monday I’m teaching Yoga in the evening (restarted finally), Tuesday is Volleyball, Wednesday is Trivia, Thursday during the day is SAR training (which tends to drain me, though this week it is more indoor medical training) followed by watching Archer, Friday is the only day I don’t think I’ve got something preplanned. Then again as it’s a two day weekend, something will come up. Perhaps it’ll give me something to write about.

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forciera 04.14.13 at 4:35

Beautiful sunset! I'm glad you're feeling better. So…10% of the station showed up to Math Club…that's like 15 people, or what?  And what the heck is Fast Ice?