The Tone of Winter’s Eve

by wonderfullyrich on March 30, 2013

For the first time in what feels like a month I feel unhindered by the feelings of lethargy, exhaustion, pain, and being brain fuzzy caused by my body’s battle with sickness.  The upside is that my abs are probably in great shape from all the coughing.  After getting the crud just before last flight and spending 3 weeks to get nearly back to useful again, only to be followed by a part deux of the crud (perhaps a relapse or a new mutation) which has knocked me out for the last week plus, maybe it really has been a month.  

It hasn’t been a wasted month mind you, as I’ve been busy with our 54 hour work week (on those days I can work) trying to keep up and catch up with the bang that is the start of winter here on the Ice.  I feel slightly behind, both socially and professionally because I’ve spent so much time in my room sequestering myself from the general population.  It’s been for the good as I’d rather not have a lingering sickness that lasts 6-9 weeks as it apparently did in past winters.  Still it is amazingly hard to say no potential new friends, or a social event, or even to leave a party early, especially when you are–inspite of a cough that rears up at highly inappropriate moments–enjoying the company of your neighbors.  Or for that matter when you are face with a wonderful learning opportunity at work, which defeats you because your brain feels like it’s stuck in the mucus you're coughing up.

Of course there is more empathy here, as most people get sick and you’ll see them every day in the galley (not many dorm eaters yet).  I’m guessing that’s helped me too, as getting 20 percent of the station at a single table and having a ab rocking laugh can help but be good for the mind and body.  

This is going to be a wonderful winter, as we have a decidedly positive crew this winter.  Yes I’m sure it’ll change, and people will slink off to hide from the social world after time.  Fights might erupt, or drama might ensue, but we all seem to be happy with each other right now.  I and other more experienced winterovers see a good tone starting this winter.  

For example, last night’s Beerster (beer and easter contraction) was as much a social event as it was a drinking event.  It started with a block party on the second floor of 208, or rather an open house, with decorated beer cans hidden in various places and it’s associated beer hunt. This was almost more a demonstration of the skua decorating skill people have applied to their rooms, then  it was to have an excuse to have a beer in hand. What’s more the craft skills people applied to the cans was quite amusing and ingenious.  Hopefully some will show up on facebook soon.  It then migrated into the 209 lounge for the more competitive beer hunt, that degenerated into dancing, silly pranks, wacky photos, and a generally wonderful time. At which point I went off to sleep well before the party ended (or perhaps even started).  It was a wonderfully rich first Beerster to have enjoyed, and a positively positive way to spend a weekend night.

At this point though you might be asking, why after so many years on hiatus are you attempting to rejoin the blogging community?  The simple answer is that I was asked to.  I feel like it would be good for my soul to write more this winter too, as this is another unique experience that I can share with people back home.  I put this in here with my yogic pursuits, my ration of exercise, and my attempt at eating decently.  Keep the mind in shape, along with a body, for a long useful and prosperous life. 

As the topics strike, and as time permits, I’ll put some words down and see what thoughts provoke.  Happy day all!

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