Arrived in Gisenyi

by wonderfullyrich on May 20, 2009

I started at 7:30am and arrived at 7pm in Gisenyi, Rwanda yesterday. A very long trip, but one which I could not imagine being more beautiful. I will have to upload the pictures later, but as tomorrow we are going to Goma (in the DRC) for the day, I may not have time for a while.

I’m enjoying the beautiful mountain air and beautiful volcanos that surround us. Angela and I are staying with Pastor Augusten who is the pastor of the Quaker church here in Gisenyi. Several children, decent house, very nice and again good food. Rice, beans, and cooked bannanas never tasted so good.

Apparently beyond the taste and beauty, Rwanda is embroiled in a minor journalistic war. Human Rights Watch and the Rwandan Government are going at each other in accusations and counter-accusations. I’m still trying to put Rwanda in context so I can’t give you much ground info on this, but it’s an interesting backdrop to the traveling I’m doing.

I’ll post pictures when I can and hope you all enjoyed the video.

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