20 days, part 1

by wonderfullyrich on May 27, 2009

While Angela is working on her report I’ve got some down time to write an update, but no internet. Instead of waiting, I started writing several posts in Genisyi, Rwanda at Pastor Augustin’s house/compound. I’m on the road again for the next two days heading to Cape Town, but I’ve lined up the posts that I’ve written. This is part 1 of 4. (I have a 5th that is unfinished, but may not get published.)

As of today May 27th, I’ll have spent around 20 days in Burundi and Rwanda with a stop in the DRC. Considering I don’t have a job, little that I’m obligated to do directly, how inexpensive it is to stay in the area (even if Rwanda is more expensive then Burundi, and Goma more expensive still, they are all dramatically cheaper then living in the states or in Cape Town), and the fact that I’ve already flown over here, I’m rather disappointed in having to leave so early. Thankfully I’ll only be in Cape Town, which should allow me to return to the African Great Lakes region soon. What follows is a breif summary of some of the things I’ve done.

While in Burundi, I spend a majority of my time in Bujambura which was not intentional, as I would have love to go upcountry, but timing of my stay and Andrew’s/HROC Burundi schedule didn’t permit it. This isn’t to say I wasn’t busy. Much of the Bujambura visit was spent enjoying my time with my brother. We cooked like mad fiends. Ugalki, Squash curry, a oven’less cake/brownie, eggplant stirfry, and more. Angela also came down from Rwanda and spent time with us before heading back to Gisenyi, which gave us more of an excuse to go out to eat. Angela has been home for most of that time eating home cooked Rwandan meals, so she craved a bit of excitement. We went out for Chinese, Indian, and on a thursday night, we had Pizza which was really good but also came with a side of Hippo viewing.

In between all of this Andrew was getting work done, he had a USAID grant to get done and Angela had a report to work on, so we also spent some time trying to relax from the stress of work stress. Perhaps it was more of an excuse, but we ended up going to the beach several times and playing volleyball with some other expats (there are many), as well as working on our tan, and playing around with timelapses (which should be uploaded as time permits).

I also was trying to get some work done, but it was mainly focused on updating and working with computers around. As you may know I spent some time working with the AFSC computers, which had me thinking about trying to get a job doing similar such things. I also wanted to get lots of pictures and video for future work with AGLI, HROC, AVP, FWA, and others. You’ve likely already seen the video I made for FWA, which was shot one day, and created then next so it’s a little rough. I hope it’s a useful fundrasing and awareness tool.

As you might guess, there will be a bit of a flood of pictures after I get settled. That’s all for now, my post tomorrow is mostly focused on Goma.

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