Leaving Burundi and a video

by wonderfullyrich on May 18, 2009

I’ve been running around like a fabled chicken, but have managed to be somewhat productive. I just finished and posted a very rough, but hopefully effective tour of the FWA Clinic in Burundi. I helped them build a website last year, and when I came to visit this year I thought I’d help put something better media wise.

I leave for Rwanda tomorrow and will be doing a long bus ride from Bujambura to Gisenyi which should take most of the day. I have more pictures up on flickr and a few other videos on youtube that didn’t work out so well. (We saw hippos while eating pizza, and I got video, but the audio’s all screw up). More when time permits, I’ve had a fascinating and busy two weeks in Burundi. (And needless to say I can’t believe it’s only been that long.) I’ll be back, as this wasn’t nearly long enough. More then once the thought of just ditching all my other plans and just staying here ran through my head.

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