More pictures and the singing

by wonderfullyrich on July 2, 2006

So I managed to get to a different internet cafe and upload more of my china pictures. I resent the link, but I\’m not sure if it actually bounced off my list so here\’s where the pictures are.

I\’ve also got a link in here for the 23mb wav file which is a recording during the boat pulling. It contains the singing and some interesting things to listen to.

As I said in the email with the link, we are in Yichang just finishing the last of the bike tour up. The bikes are getting ship back to Chengdu and we are getting a little shopping done (spices, music, and alike)

Yesterday we finish the actual biking by going from the 3 gorges out to yichang. The 3 gorges is a stunning piece of work. Huge by even american scales. It\’s an odd juxtaposition between the poverty that\’s literally right next to it, but maybe it\’s doing good. (assuming the silt doesn\’t nullify it or the cracks don\’t get wider)

It was a beautiful tour and a great way to see part of china. We went something like 1000 km by car/bike/ferry, but we didn\’t even really touch the size of this land. So many people and yet so few in between cities in some respects. Andrew and I wondered where all the 1.3 billion people were, as even with the crowds in the cities, it didn\’t seem like enough. What was strange that we walked into a 5.8 million person city like Chongqing and had never even heard of it. That\’s almost twice as large as denver and more people know denver then know chongqing. Strange things to ponder. Hope you like the pictures and the sounds.

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