China pictures

by wonderfullyrich on July 1, 2006

I\’m in Badong, and as we\’ve finally slowed down I have managed to get a few pictures up, not to mention I\’ve finally made this bloody computer behave in english. Now right now I\’m on picture number , yep with almost 2 hours of work, I\’ve managed to put up 10 pictures. Sort of screwy and annoying, but maybe I\’ll have better luck from korea.

So here, have a look at a few pictures… (this is an example below)

Today we also did a field trip up smaller 3 gorges to do a boat pulling tour. During this boat pulling (which I don\’t have the pictures from) there was a bit of singing that I capture using my iTalk on my iPod. I\’m trying to upload it right now, so maybe it\’ll be something you can listen to. I\’ll let you know if I get it up.

No gps points yet, but I\’ll work on that when I get a chance.

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