Korea land of modern stuff…

by wonderfullyrich on July 7, 2006

So china was a whorrlwind, fun, but really hectic on reflection. New city every day, constantly on the bike being sore, being hot, barely getting enough sleep, and by the end of it, a rest was definately in order. I was very happy and I’m even thinking about “our” next trip to tibet (before the rail road destroys the rest of the isolated culture), but boy am I glad I chose korea for my next stop. Modern, some what english speaking, and not quite as hot (so far).

So far as the modern piece of this goes, it’s actually rather bland in that respect. It’s so modern that it’s not really unique in any distinct way. Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Papa Johns, Daewoo, Kia, Samsung, etc are all signs that are common. Of course it’s in korean, which I won’t pretend to understand yet. I’ve been thrown totally for a loop as I expected a variation for chinese, but I’m told the symbols used are more like letters then like chinese characters (being unique and very numerous). I guess there’s something like 28 or something korean characters. It’s also a guide to pronuciation, which again is totally unlike chinese, and I’m again having fun trying to learn thank you and how much, and alike here.

These are all inital impression though, maybe it’ll liven up now that I’m feeling better and ready to re-engage the world in a more then horizontal postion. 🙂 (Had a bout of food posoin I think, but I seem to be over it.)

I guess we have a typhoon heading our way, but it’s supposed to head into the sea of japan, which probably means we are just getting rain and winds, but it’s possible it’ll be worse. (Not to worry parents, friends, and sibling, modern means well prepared and structural concrete makes the common tenement.)

I’ll try and look through my china pictures again to see if there’s anything interesting to add to what I’ve already put up. Cheers!

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