Soreness and sweat from the mystic land.

by wonderfullyrich on June 30, 2006

So i am able to write to you from china, indeed things are not unlike much of the rest of the world in terms of finding an internet cafe, or driving, or being run over as a biker. Well the latter is more of a feeling rather then a reality, but horns ablaze when you ride, walk, or generally get in the way of another driver here in china. It feels as if they are going to run you down and the horn’s just a way to scare you a bit before they get to the task…
Or perhaps I’m just a tired american. (they horn to warn, not to indicate anger)

The reason I haven’t posted before now is because I haven’t had time. We’ve been on the go since I touched down in Chonqging. If we aren’t sleeping, then we are riding on the bikes or in the car, or eating. It’s been a fairly grueling schedule and I don’t really have time to give you details or pictures in fact. I did want to say that I’m here, we’ve gone some thing like 600-700 km about 200 km or more of which I’ve done on the bike (Andrew’s probably done more like 300), and we are doing fine other then being saddle sore, mucle sore, perhaps a little dehydrated and worn out. My knee’s not been doing well the last 2 days, and my back’s been giving me issues too, but tomorrow is a “day off” meaning we take a ferry so maybe i’ll do better the day after.

Temp wise, it was a cool day today. About 70-80 with humidty at an estimated 70-90 (it rained the last half of the day). The last several days it’s gotten ridiculous (over 90 plus humidity I’ll bet in the mid day). You stand and you sweat your body weight, your literally better of riding your bike becuase you’ll get air flow. We go through 3-6 liters of water per day generally.

I’ll try and write something else before to long. Lot’s of strange little details that are interesting and different. Pics will come, as well as hopefully a GPS trail of where I’ve been plus a vertical profile of this trip.


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TO 07.02.06 at 17:20

Keep having a blast Rich. I totally hear you about not having time/energy to post while travelling. I’d have to say keep procrastinating on blogging, and take in as much as you can while you can. Of course I’ll be checking in on you every day hoping for a story, but that’s just me being selfish and bored.