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by wonderfullyrich on May 25, 2006

So I just found out today that Raytheon/USAP is a darn bit more confusing then it was even a year ago.  Apparently I am not going back to the ice this year.  The PC Tech positions have all been filled and as have the helpdesk positions.  I only found out about this because I’ve been prodding fairly hard at two sources, neither of which has responded in the several weeks since I’ve started, so I prodded from a different direction just trying to persistent and found out everything was filled.  This is not the normal routine as I understand it, but something obviously happened.  This doesn’t mean that I’m absolutely not going down this year, but it’s a pretty sure sign that things are not going to happen.

You might understand that I’m pretty well upset and frustrated about this whole thing.  I know bureaucracy is a good thing which keeps governments slow and stable, but this is one of those rare times I’ve been directly affected in such an emotional way by bureaucracy (Politics?) gone awry. No plans come to mind right now, that is beyond the continuing persistence of finding a slot to fill and still go down, or perhaps a winter position, or etc.  I had a theory about going to NZ to find a job and immigrate so maybe I’ll try working on that, or maybe I’ll go to DC and join my brother.

For right now everything I’ve currently planned is still on.  I’m still headed to Asia (maybe I’ll find something interesting to do there) and I’m still temp working here at Jones International, but as of September plans have disintegrated.  This probably means I’ll hang around in Asia longer, but that of course depends on how funds hold out whilst I’m there.


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TO 05.29.06 at 7:12

So Lame Dude! I’m in a similar limbo situation. I’ve accepted a Alternate contract for Fuelie, but the likelihood that someone will drop out is slim at best. Who gives up a Fuelie position? I’ve also had a phone interview for a Palmer Instrument Tech position, but that’s such a long shot, and it’s getting kind of late for hiring decisions to be made. No worries Rich… we’re young… and there’s so much to do!