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by wonderfullyrich on June 6, 2006

I’m not sure if you remember me reporting when sandwich instigated the “most number of santa and elves the furthest from home” back in December of ’05, but apparently sometime before she got published on’s blog! (See below, This is a big deal, lots of traffic goes through boingboing, and it has overloaded many a sites before for excess bandwidth usage.) If your bored you can find out what other crazy things has posted on antarctica.

For those of you who don’t know what is, it’s similar to (sort of). It’s basically a blog by tech/internet/strange news hounds that post links and breif descriptions of what they find on the page. Often different and interesting, sometimes legal and generally noteworthy, it’s far more interesting as a site then MSNBC or CNN. 🙂

I’ve been hunting through the list that Genevive (thanks btw) has built over her last two seasons, as well as my own list and trying to conslidate them into something I can put on my website. I’ll post this as it become available, which hopefully will be later this week.

Cheers everyone that’s managing to go down this year! Send me links and keep me informed!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

More Santarchy in Antarctica
Somewhere in Antarctica, a woman in a Santa suit is blogging. Alli, aka Sandwichgirl, e-mails BoingBoing with this update on holiday preparations and the spread of Santarchy down south. And by “down south,” I mean way, way, way down south. Click thumbnails for larger images.

if there is a god or santa, i must have done something to piss them off in the dish line cause santawich got no love from the health fairy. a week and a half ago, i was told i have a stomach virus. after a very humbling 4 days, a cough that bruised my ribs, a fever of 102, and a vicious lung infection kicked my ass the one week i have been looking forward to since before i came to antarctica.i have been trapped in my little crap dorm watching no less than 15 movies, wishing, for once, i could be at work. i wanted to be making cookies. i wanted to be slacking off in the name of christmas. i wanted to be taking advantage of all our volunteers. feck. so i stayed in bed the past 4 days. hacking, breathing, sweating, crapping. did i mention the 15 movies i watched? maybe it was more.

today was the first day i emerged since saturday night. i asked medical if icould borrow a wheelchair to make a grand appearance into the galley but they said they needed it for ‘real emergencies’. then i asked the firefighters if they could carry me in, but most the firefighters i know were off base on some call. so, i trudged in on my own, clad in santa. it was hilarious, watching santas collect their food from the hot lines, then along table full of santas, eating together in peace and harmony.

after i watched everyone eat (i still have zero appetite), i hung around to watch the community file in and react. it was amusing, but i had to do something less stimulating or perhaps i would die. there were lots of people taking pictures and video. i promise i will report within the next few days. here’s a few things. i’m going back to the galley now to see how things are progressing. tonight i want to go out for a little while to get some shots around town. thank you for everything. the galley staff thanks you! — santawich

(Thanks, David)

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