Eventful lull, back in the land of the many.

by wonderfullyrich on March 15, 2006

I’m back in the US of A and I have to say my first several hours on the mainland were a fun and interesting shock to have had, but first let me clean up Hawaii with a few facts. 

A. It’s a warm place even during the rainy season, but you probably knew that.  I don’t think i ended up wearing more then a tee-shirt and jeans even late at night and ever getting cold, well unless it was raining.
B. The water is warm.  Yet another fact you probably knew.
C. It’s cold when you get out of the ocean with nothing on, even in Waikiki. 

Yes I went skin-dipping in Waikiki with a few hostel’ites who I was hanging out with.  Yes we did have a fishbowl to drink, but I don’t think that was the main influence.   It’s crazy what you can get a 6’10’ German guy and a crazy Canadian girl (plus me) to do when your a minute from the beach!  It was a beautiful night and we were enjoying the time so we felt it was necessary to have fun in this properly crazy manner. 🙂  No fish were hurt in the performing of this act. Beyond that I managed to see the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and enjoyed the picturesque sun sunsets on the beach as well as a yet more sushi.  Mostly though I relaxed and enjoyed the warm temptures. 

Leaving Waikiki, I took a red eye flight to LAX and arrived at 5am to a empty airport, darkness, and temperatures in the 40s.  Uggh (I hear it’s snowing in Denver.) Thankfully my drive to Disneyland did not involve rush hour and it wasn’t hard to meet up with Teena, Josh and Casidee.  I was so happy to have a day to spend with Casidee riding my shoulders, being the wild rollercoster girl, and enjoying the Disney effect given I haven’t had a chance to play with a kid for to many months.  I have to admit that it was all a bit much for me to be surrounded by so many people, the noise, lights, food, and places to spend money, but it was a good place to catch up with TJ&C (as well as Janice and Marty).  Casidee was a very happy girl (and she’s grown!).

Josh and I went to see Japan vs USA in the World Classic which was a brilliant and exciting game.  I was rooting for Japan, and they should have bloody won except for a reversed ump call about a tag up.  Hopefully there was an official protest about that, but it was a well hit and well pitch game though.  Even had some crazy action with water fountains soakin the sports photographers stuff and what we think was a fight in the stands. (Who fights at a baseball game, it’s just not cricket!)

I got to San Diego and have caught up with Peter and Linda, making for a brilliant night of Mexican (yes I broke down and good Mexican, but I’m only a few miles from the border, I couldn’t help it.)  This was followed by a lazy day and a brilliant night of sushi!  Give me fresh eel any day.  Or maybe you could just give me a salmon fresh from the sea and I’d be just as happy. YUM!  (yes mom, I know I hated fish when I was young.) 😉 

All this in 4 days… What fun it is to travel.  The memories one can find. 


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