Travel Plans…

by wonderfullyrich on February 5, 2006

So my last post brought up a good point.  Where am I going, what am I doing?

Well for the moment, I’m trying just to get off the Ice.  Once off the ice which is a feat unto itself.  Uggh!

Once off the ice I’ll probably be hanging around New Zealand for 2 weeks or so.  Most of my ice friends are going there or Australia, or Fuji, or Thailand, or some such so I’ll probably hang loose with them.  A few of the more ambitious ones are heading to Mongolia or doing an around the world trip, which I’m just not up to right now.  I am on the other hand up perfectly able to remain horizontal for several light ages, crisp till brown and turn.  Well maybe not like beach movies, but certainly beaches and non-fridge temperatures for a few weeks.  (Maybe even Hawaii, but I figure it’s a state so I’ll get there eventually.) 

Then off to Australia.  Rachel a friend of mine from down here wants to go up there after her boyfriend leaves New Zealand for his visit so as I was planning on it anyway, I’m all for it.  I’ve got a friend who’s likely to be in Melbourne and we’ll probably have other icer’s around as well.  From there I haven’t a clue, maybe another country, probably home.

I’m ready to come home and enjoy the company of friends and family.  I’ve got a few people I need to visit anyway.  Home is where the heart is and my heart is in the Rockies.  Now how long I’ll be home is up in the air.  If I get stuck then I’ll be there till I come back here (yes I’m still planning on it, although the end of the season is never a good time to ask a person about it).  Otherwise if I find another international job and end up out there, then you’ll see me leave earlier.  Beyond that I’ll be spending the summer working & prepping the documentary on McMurdo culture.

Basic dates…
Feb 17th +/- I’ll get off the ice
Feb 26 +/- Australia
March ? Australia to some place maybe
March 17th +/- head home to states.  (Stop in LA is possible for a trip up/down the coast)

(There’s a chance I could join a few others here and work on one of many organic farms in New Zealand before I leave which might through might dates out of whack)


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