Vessel…but no Tanker.

by wonderfullyrich on February 2, 2006

Oh so the vessel has finally arrived!  (Cargo Vessel that is) It’s only many days late and driving us buggers.  The latter because it’s been changed so often it’s not funny and in the absence of hard news rumors is all we have to go by so we have been hee-ing and haw-ing about the latest on it.  Perhaps the greatest piece of news is that the bloody thing ran into the Ice Pier as it came in!  Second year in a row as I understand it.  Last year the tanker ran into it and knocked a piece off, this year they snapped the cables that moor it and damaged the bridge they use to move stuff off it.  OY!

At least it’s year though.  Many of us are definitely in the zone out phase of our existence.  Near the beginning of the year, no one would just stare at the salt, or out a window or, at a random object, but now it’s a common occurrence.  You can tell people are ready to go home or at least to shove us summer types off the station.  (For those winter overs) 

I am defiantly one of those ready to get off the ice.  It’s been a glorious year, but my replacement’s here tomorrow, and I’m ready to veg for a while.  At this point I now understand why Bill’s plans for traveling were hard to make, for indeed it’s hard to make a plan when you don’t know what day you are returning to civilization, but more then that, it’s hard to think past tomorrow some times.  Work and sleep, that’s what it feels like we do. 

Oh and to get back to the vessel and tanker, they’ve been late because of the repair to the Krasin (I think I mentioned it busted a propeller, which they tried to fix at the Ice Pier) and the fact that the ice hasn’t been cooperating.  The one of these two has gotten stuck multiple times, and they’ve been having problems with the fact that they only have one ice breaker this year.  (A second is nearly here) given the beam of the Ice breaker is 85 feet and the taker is 95 meaning that if the ice breaker leads the ice will just run into the tanker rather then going around the ice breaker.   Any how things are finally on a roll.  The bars are closed, the area between 155 and the dorms is restricted, everything’s in a bit more chaos then usual, but as for myself, I’m relieved to see it all happening.


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