The True Vessel Experience…

by wonderfullyrich on February 6, 2006

One of my friends in supply asked me for a video I happened to take while outside in this negative twenty degree vessel offload because as I was walking out at about 3am, two of her loopy cohorts (nearing the end of the shift) decided the boxes were a crazy maze and started chasing each other through it.  She called it "The True Vessel Experience." as that’s the way the night and the vessel offload was, and I have to admit that on reflection that’s my experience too.  Crazy, ludicrous, and loopy.     Thank goodness that it’s basically done now, although the ship hasn’t finish load nor left the port, they have finished moving stuff in town.

My reasons for feeling loopy though are probably a little more mundane as they’ve had horrid weather to offload in for the last several days.  Its turned ugly around here.  Snow and blowing snow at irregular intervals, the wind is now almost always around, and the sun is gone again and it feels like a Seattle days lately.  I’m not sure when Ob Hill went from black to white again (during the summer snow melts the on it as well as around town, and then returns it’s coating back in fall), but I’m guessing it was just before vessel.  People who work outside are popsicles again and those who just walk around are wind toasted just walking from building to building; you get a red cheek toasting as a kiss from the wind.  Oh and remember supply people and associated are working 12 hour days instead of just our 9 hour days, so figure devolved humans giving into their pleasure centers for games.

So I’m loopy because as I’ve mentioned I’m running long days myself.  It’s curious I mention the outside as I’m not out there any more.  I don’t even have a window in my office.  I watch people shuffle back and forth when I enter the hall, but I could be in the basement for all I know.  Maybe it’s the office, maybe it’s the end of seasons stress, maybe it’s the long hours and few breaks I’ve been getting (some of which is my own fault), but I can’t sleep worth a darn lately.  I’m definitely loopy when I wake up at 3am in the morning on consecutive days and work till 10pm or maybe 12.  I still exercise and get around, but with the first major load of people leaving today it feels like we are time short and project heavy so things never stop.

Decompression is a hard thing when places to go are -20 degrees and well your never really not working.  I think this latter part is just me and I’m bitching a little.  Ever since I took this job as the Broadcast Engineer, I’m always in the office and I no longer have a day off.  Sure I’m just doing the schedule, loading tapes, and keeping up with minor tasks, but I think that’s made my vessel experience more ludicrous. 

Soon enough I’ll be done as my winter replacement is here, and I’ll be off the ice in 11 days.  We know the end is near as we watch our friends get on this flight today and head back to CHC.  Soon we know we will be in the land of gardens and darkness.  The world is calling us home.


P.S.  I’ll try and upload the video later this morning.

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