New Antarctica videos!

by wonderfullyrich on October 17, 2005

Hey everyone,

If you have interest in what it’s like here down at the bottom end of the world, here’s a few more videos for you. These one’s are a bit long and may bore a few of you (as they did a few down here). I basically took several 3 min clips of the preflight lecture (minutes before we set foot on the C-17) and then one of the *Welcome* to McMurdo speech, which is the first briefing you get after getting off the plane and in to a warm place. The preflight is 13 minutes and the welcome speech is 36 minutes. I also have one quick spin (literally) of the main entrance of the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) where we get all our Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear. In addition to this I’m putting a picture up that more vividly describes the wall of clothing that the CDC issues. This picture is our choices of clothing (some of which are required) that we are required to take down. (This should be up in the next day or so.)

Let me warn you that the first two of these movies are big! (58 & 134 mb respectively) I’ve tried to tone them down and compress them a bit, but it’s been quite a pain… (I finally had to learn some of the inner workings of adobe premier pro) I mention all this because I don’t want you downloading this if you are using a dial-up connection and/or don’t have time.

Soon I’ll have a more interesting lecture on “Outdoor Safety” that everyone on station is required to attend if you want to venture out on the paths around base. (many, varied, and interesting, but very dangerous if you are an idiot or aren’t safe)

Again the link to the videos is

I’m continuing to take videos of various other interesting thing, but what I’m going after here is a general feel (that I missed coming down, and I’m not blaming anyone!) of some of the realities of going to Antarctica to work. I find it intriguing that I haven’t yet run across a documentary that describes this process of going to Antarctica. I figure it would be great to introduce new contract employees, but haven’t seen one yet. I’m not trying to take the place of a documentary film maker (we actually have a few PBS guys down here for a unrelated film), but I would like to put a few films and a bit more information out there about what this process is actually like. Hopefully new employees, or even just people who’d like to know will get more of a feel about what it’s like to fly down past 60s south.

Some day maybe someone down here will actually do a documentary on the culture and life down here before it’s lost to the corporation or to the industrialization of this place. Already I hear the South Pole base is losing some it’s character with the new (and well needed) base that is being erected. The history of the old bars and the old yearly happenings (such as naked bar night) are being lost to upgrades and progress. Some things are being done to preserve some of this, but as said, I’m fairly surprised someone hasn’t tried to do a film on the people of this place (rather then the place itself).

Here’s my offer then, I’d like to give you information (as much as I have time and energy for) as to what it’s really like to be down here. Do me a favor then an pepper me with questions about things you’d like to see. Would you like a walking tour of the town, or do you want to see what the bars are like, or perhaps the dorms? What’s most interesting to you all?


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