NZ is beautiful!

by wonderfullyrich on October 5, 2005

Hey everyone,I’ve made it to Christchurch NZ. It’s 10/06/05 about 1:30pm and I leave herethe day after tomorrow (probably). I have to admit it wasn’t a good way tostart this trip as the flight from denver got delayed by 4 hours because thetransponder on te original airplane was found during pre-flight to be dead. Wehad to wait the 4 hours for another aircraft (as they couldn’t seem to find aspare transponder) as well as another crew (given our’s was illegal by the timethey were to fly). So we we should have by all rights missed the internationalleg to Auckland, but as there were 23 RPSC people on that flight they held theinternational leg an extra 20 mins allowing us to get to Auckland on time.

After all that, I’ve gotten here, met lots of people, and have my Extreme ColdWeather gear (ECW) gear already. Tomorrow’s the orientation and then SaturdayI will fly out in the morning if the wind behaves. More when I get down there. No good pictures to report as of yet.
Later guys,

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