The inside of my nose

by wonderfullyrich on April 15, 2009

As I said yesterday I got video of the endoscope which the doctor used to poke around in my sinuses. Particularly interesting to me was as he was pulling out the packing, which is a hard feeling to describe and yet I’m not sure if it needs description if you watch the video. (Around 1:23 and 5:15 in Part 1)

I have to admit that when I first watched this, while editing this, and everytime I watch these I laugh out loud. I can’t explain why it’s funny, but when he starts sucking things or extracting stuff from my nose I just crack up.

Of course in addition to that, there this funny moment when the doctor asks me, “Did any packing fall out… that your aware of?” (4:46 part1) which at the time seemed a perfectly reasonable question, but now seems like you asked me if I lost my ear. The general sucking and almost involuntary tearjerking that comes with having packing removed is not something I’m likely not to be aware of.

In all seriousness, I’m feeling much better after the removal of the nasal splints (mentioned previously which I don’t have video of as he did it prior to the endoscope) and packing. Less throbbing, less general pain, and I was able to breathe relatively well after. I’m now more then a little stuffed up, but hope it’ll abate her in a day or so. Time to get those taxes done!

Be forewarned there is plenty of mucus and blood in these video. It’s not for the faint of heart.

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