Like an airplane between airports

by admin on July 22, 2008

I feel like I just dropped off the radar slowly and unintentionally, then all of a sudden I landed at Dulles and had to remember how to get home. A strange feeling really, but part of the reason I highly recommend change your perspective so entirely for long periods of time. You come back with an entirely different perspective.
In any case I’m alive and well. Back in DC with what seems like the same heat as Cyprus, but with more humidity, no manure drifting in from the north at night, and a lot more noise…
I’ve got pictures of the greek wedding that was the excuse for the trip as well as the last two weeks that I’ll put up shortly. I still have unfinished thoughts that might make it through editing and on to the post schedule, but I can’t say more till after I’ve actually set foot in work and see how bad it is.

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