In paradise without distractions

by wonderfullyrich on June 28, 2008

The last major distraction of the smartphone was eliminated nearly as soon as we got to the beach as we went to the number 2 party place in Europe, Ayia Napa, just 15 mins away from the house we are borrowing for the week here in Protaras. Aiya Napa is like Key West, the French Quarter, etc with wacky bars & clubs that seem to have a TV show inspirations (Flintstone’s club, Friend’s bar–where the sitcom is continuously on play, and Starsky’s). We enjoyed ourselves, but had my iPhone pick-pocketed…
Remember my post on disaster striking your data? Well I took heed of myself, and did back-up all the data on the phone (minus some new notes that are replaceable), as well as use a Screen Lock. If they are smart they might get past it, but it won’t let you sync without the code so it’s pretty much an iBrick to them. I filed a report with the police, though it unlikely it’ll turn up. Not to say I’m not pissed and annoyed, but what’s the point of getting mad? It’s the chance I take being so stupid, and I’m in paradise without any further distractions so I should enjoy the sunset from our roof without a ringing phone.
P.S. I still have the sim card for my DC phone number (used a pre-paid when I got here), so don’t delete me quite yet.


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