Thoughts in an elevator…

by wonderfullyrich on November 1, 2007

Five hours per year staring at a elevator inspection certificate… That’s my back of the envelope guess at my usage, so five hours staring at a allen wrench and straighten paperclip taped to the frame, 5 hours wondering what the “major alterations” you could do to an elevator that would require an inspection, 5 hours wondering when they’ll come back and change the bloody thing so you’ll have something new to stare at. Oh, wait, maybe I should think about my next blog rather then stare at hex screws…

Figured a quick update on my life is in order, as it’s to busy to finish one of my research pieces yet. I’m still in Washington, DC working with the Friends Committee on National Legislation ( who has an annual meeting coming up the weekend after next. My brother and I (yep he’s still here, not yet headed to africa) are going to be working our little tails of during next week and that weekend. Several hundred people show up from all over the country to learn about what we have done this last year and feed back input into what we will do. On top of this my girlfriend Angela will be showing up tomorrow evening at JFK airport, where I’ll meet her and we’ll spend the weekend in New York for her first time in the city and some time away from DC for me. Karen, who’s place we are staying at in Brooklyn, is coming down to reciprocate and visit friends/DC the weekend of annual meeting while Angela is still here. Angela will be staying at 1019 with me till Nov 15th when she leaves for Uganda to volunteer for 3 months before going to Capetown for her Masters and I leave for Alaska to spend Thanksgiving with my high school sweet heart who’s teaching in Kotlik Alaska with a bunch of wonderful nuts not unlike the wonderful nuts in McMurdo. No alcohol, no cars, no starbucks, if I get that far it’ll be 10 days of wonderful peace and quiet (w/ internet, of course).

So November is a busy month for me and that’s just the rough outline, we still have parties being planned at 1019 (my house if you didn’t catch that), physical therapy to enjoy (running muscle strain, and a shoulder volleyball injury, plus a recent bike accident has me in a bit of recovery), as well as the day to day budgets, couchsurfers, bread making, and sundries of a mild mannered dc’ist.

Hope everyone is kicking along well, send update as you get them everyone! Oh and before it’s upon me and I forget enjoy the wacky American holidays!

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forciera 11.01.07 at 18:47

5 hours is an awfully long time to stare at an elevator inspection certificate. may I suggest the stairs?