Natural causes

by wonderfullyrich on October 8, 2007

It’s a day like it was in the old American south with the sun coming at you like a Sunday afternoon, when you want to be outside swinging on the porch set, watching people on the street go by. A group of lunch-goers stride on the empty holiday sidewalks prattling on about some such. The city strides with them as your brain ponders the recent news of a disconnected friend passing on.

He couldn’t have been more then 10 years older then I am…
Natural causes, really…?
but he ran, bike, played volleyball, and always ate veggies…
I remember the BBQ chicken pizzas he used to make and what a fuss he made about his tiki torches we had in the back yard…
I wonder how the dogs are going to take it?
Was it really only 5 years ago that I was his roommate?
Man, life is fragile…

Dave Lackey, my old boss/roommate/friend in Denver died yesterday of natural causes and I just found out. I talked to him maybe twice in the last two years and it’s strange how abrupt something so natural can be.

Thanks Dave for all the life lessons I learned from you, the kindness of a job, a room, tolerance of a stubborn cynic, your BBQ chicken pizzas, and the friendship that may have been stilted at times but in retrospect is truly cherished. Maybe the world won’t mourn your passing, but I will. We get 75 summers, 75 falls, 75 winters, and 75 springs… or for you half that. I’ll just have to live twice as much for the both of us…

To all, cherish the ones you have and take a moment for that hug that we all need.

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Karol 10.09.07 at 9:50

As one of David’s five first cousins on his mother’s side, I want to thank you for the comments you posted regarding his passing. Although it has been years since I have seen David, his death flooded my mind with memories of holidays at our grandmother’s and David riding “big wheels” with my younger brother. I understand he traded the big wheel in on a “bigger bike” as he got older. Thanks for taking your time to honor him with your comments.

lackeyma 11.09.07 at 9:05

Hello Rich,
Thanks for establishing this blog for David. I’m hiis dad and cannot begin to tell you about the whole in my world. David was my son, but he was also my best friend. We were very close and I got a chance to be with him for 5 days over Labor Day weekend. We fished everyday and had a ball just goofing off. David also introduced my wife and me to his fiance, Lisa. She is a wonderful person, never married, and had to wade through a lot of dus (her words) before finding David. David felt the same way. I had never seen David as comfortable and at peace in a relationship as I did with Lisa. Needless to say, Lisa is devastated and feels like a lost soul.

David tok a new job with Exempla Healthcare last Feb., and really loved his job. He was to be promoted again in Feb, 2008. David had a way of drawing you in as a friend, whether you were and acquaintance or an employee. Exempla has established an annual “David Lackey Leadership Award” in his honor. I am so proud of him.

We still do not know the cause of death, the autopsy results are inconclusive at this point. They are investigating further, but truth is, we may never know, espaecially if this was an arrhythmeia or similar. This is hard to take as a parent, we want answers, but may never have them.

Lastly, David had a dog (you may remember Matilda, she died anout a year and a half ago). Brew was a rescue and he and david adored each other. We finally found a wonderful home for Brew this week. Brew is a mixed breed and needed a home with no other pets or kids. Thank goodness he will be at home again. He has been a confused dog for quite a while now.

Thanks again.
Mark Lackey