So you want to go to antarctica?

by wonderfullyrich on March 14, 2007

A year later, I still occasionally get asked, “How Do I go to Antarctica?” as I’m sure many icer’s do all their lives. For me, although I haven’t grown entirely tired of it, I’m not ready to be a broken record yet so instead while I was in NZ this last month, I created an wiki that will hopefully be a compendium of all the facts you might want to know about antarctica as well as how to get to antarctica.

On the latter question I’ve gone one step further by recording a gathering of couchsurfing people who wanted to know about how to go to antarctica and posting it on the ice wiki.

All of this is now available at

At this moment their are 12 articles that are breifly filled in and I have a list of about 100 topics. Eventually people (as well as myself) will fill this in and hopefully it will fill a niche of information that both you and the many others like you will be able to use. In the meantime enjoy (and edit for those of you who have info!)

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Snow 05.11.07 at 11:04

Yeah I want to go to Rich.—Snow