One resolution I didn’t break! A wonderfullyrich asia timelapse

by wonderfullyrich on January 1, 2007

It only took me 3 months to finished the Asia timelapse montage, but I did get it done and technically it was finished before new year rang in (although the distribution wasn’t done till after the new year)!

Without much further ado, I present the Wonderfullyrich Asia timelapse 2006 montage:

Full screen mode is recommended & you need flash player to see this. You can download the 30mb Windows Media version for your home viewing pleasure or see the low res version on YouTube if you like.

The embedded video (flash version) does not work in Internet Explorer 6, so you’ll have to download and play the Windows Media Version. (grumble…sorry)

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fonzie 01.20.08 at 14:30

This is incredible! The music is terrific and the tour/story you gave us is fun! And it leaves me wanting to know how it was done…. 🙂 Looks like animated stills as well as speeded up video clips, but the shots with panning and zooms really make me wonder, great job! 🙂

What a tangent from the Alaska stuff I was reseraching!