by wonderfullyrich on August 4, 2006

So maybe 2 months of traveling is a bit much. Especially when you have a never ending sinus something. (Yes it did come back) I’m in Thailand now and have spent 24 of the last 36 or so hours just sleeping and doing nothing. It’s a major waste of time, but I’m physically and mentally better off for it. I haven’t even taken a picture in Thailand yet…

Of course maybe I just need the 24 hours to get used to the amazing number of western people and english speakers (good english) that have innundated Th Khao San. Of course things about a country don’t strike you as vividly until they aren’t there anymore. In korea, I was a minority. More then that I was a forgeiner who could barely communicate with the natives. It’s a different feeling to be the minority and to be the one who is powerless without helpful bystanders or a lucky draw. This was cheating too as it was an industrial society with plenty of modern conviences, a growth industry in english, and I am minorly asian in appereance. (all of which did make it easier, if not interesting)

Thailand has been taken over by toursim. Maybe this is a fluke part of town (I haven’t left Th Khao San yet), but my gut tells me that’s not true. Virtually everyone (natives included) speaks fairly good gramatical english. Strangely it’s driving me nuts rather then being a comfort. I guess I like being the minority. More then anything it meant I had a chance at changing impressions and being an individual, but here the westernizing seems to have systheszed into a crazy mix of a society. Korea is still it’s own culture, but what is this?

I also began to realize that the safety I talked about in my last post is more then just about the physical security you have. It changes the way you pack, what you pack, how you carry things, what you look out for, what is important to you, etc. I realized my skills are a bit dull from being in such a safe country. It was wonderful to have no need for a so long, but it’s sort of a false impression of the rest of the world. Very unique in that respect and perhaps highly prized for that.

I think I’m heading out to the beach tomorrow, so I should have some good pictures soon.

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