Pentaport Mud ahem… Music festival

by wonderfullyrich on August 1, 2006

So I just told you about the clean world, but I have to get you to see the pics from the Pentaport Music festival. Before we got there it Wednesday, Thursday. Then it rained Friday, then was foggy for Saturday and finally was sunny for Sunday. As this was in a ball park, it turned into a mud festival, actually it was probably more of a mud festival then the Boryeong Mud Festival I went to 2 weeks ago. So even without my annual MUDD Volleyball in Denver I’ve achieved many days in the mud this year… 🙂

A few notes. The bands in the line-up we saw included Black-eyed peas (not a favorite), Placebo (pretty good), Franz Ferdinand (classsic!), and many other korean bands as well as some not so note worthy western ones.

This however seemed to be a sideline as you might see the mud wrestling that happened. Some canadians (whom will remain unnamed) will do anything for free food and beer. They did get it, but I’m not sure it was worth the itching, cuts, and bruises. I’ll have to ask them.

Also this was not with my SLR. We took angela’s Kodak 2MP point-and-shoot so it’s not up to the usual quality. (I was happy I did NOT bring my camera however, given I accidentally dropped her’s in the mud…)

So go check out the photos.

(and someone send me an update on how MUDD Volleyball went)

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