West Side!

by wonderfullyrich on February 23, 2006

I’m not sure where I left off, but to catch you up, I’m making a mad dash/tour of the south island of NZ (I’m thinking of it as an overview).  We made it down to the fossil forest and penguin rookery a few days ago (bit of a blur, but the pictures should sort it out).  We saw dolphins playing with people in the bay, waves crashing in dramatic fashions, but no penguins.  Maybe next time. 
George has been obsessing about fish for the last two days as he spend 36 kiwi on a 2 day license and we’ve been stopping for 20 or 30 mins at a time at random rivers in the hopes he can catch dinner.  No fish though.  We have found a few interesting places to camp in the misted of these fishing finds.  Last night we camped at Lake Panagria on the beach after search our route for 6 hours for "the perfect" camp site or a mix between a river he can fish and a decent camp site.  I’m most certianly not complain, as the mad dash gave me time to finish my first knit scarf!  (The end’s a bit covered in deet, but it’s decent work.)

George has been sleeping outside, and I’ve been in the car.  Last night was more of this, but he got soaked by the mist and humidity of the lake in addition to the flies that showed up at dawn.  Bloody insect are savage if you don’t have your deet on as the females like sucking blood apparently.  Thankfully they are dependant on light so they only show up during dawn and dusk as the mid day light is to much for them, this is our driving time so we’re fairly happy to have a clean windshield.

As George and I are driving along I see a friend of mine from the ice wearing his hithchiker suit.  (Bright reflective yellow suit with a thumb on the back)  I love the irony of NZ after mainbody.  This place is infested much like the flies with ice people of all sorts.  Here we are miles from anywhere and I find the ice’s only hitchhiker.  He (and todd, his hitching buddy) are on they their way to pancake rock up north, but we’ll get him halfway there.  In the mean time we are about to go jump in the ocean… well try and swim in it, but it’s time to get back on the road again.

Good on ya,

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