The south side!

by wonderfullyrich on February 20, 2006

So I’m hanging out with Comm’s George, aka the russian. He’s actually from Latvia not Russia proper, but he’s a kick and done many things before he ever reached McMurdo. We rented a car and are heading down towards the Catlins which is in the south side of NZ. The only thing more south is a city called Invercargill and an island called Stuart. The latter is apparently a beautiful
piece of hiking ground that’s grounds wide of civilization. Unfortuantely I think we aren’t going to paddle over to it either, but maybe next year.

In the mean time we are camping out of our car (curse me! I forgot my camping gear!) using some borrowed sleeping bags and other foraged goods. It’s warm and extremely civilized around here so camping/hiking/hitchhiking is a simple thing. We should be fishing and sleeping next to an open fire tonight, if all goes well.

I’ll get back to you with more as I’m writing this at an internet cafe on my way through the town, so I’ll try and find a good place for a picture sometime soon! I’m well though, so for those who worry, I’m alive and unbitten as of yet! (Though the ‘skiters and sand flies are suppose to get vicious)


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