Okay so there is green…

by wonderfullyrich on January 27, 2006

So there are natural green things here on or at least near the Antarctic continent.  Now I’d border this on the edge of token green, as I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a lime, or a tree, or grass, but it still seems to be green. 

Mykle, my ex-cohort at the PC Shop (or something like that, as I’m now in the AFRTS office) got a boondoggle to the other side of Ross Island where Cape Croizer is in order to test out a new VOIP phone over there.  Along the way he saw something like 100,000 penguins, a few huge crevasses, and some green algae.

<<…>> <<…>>

Meanwhile life in our galley seems to be growing greener as the season wears on.  Freshies are arriving at least once a week so salads and fruits are a regular course right now.  (This is because the C-17 flights started up again in early January and will run till end of season in late February).  I haven’t heard of any more bug sightings though so I can’t report of spiders or slugs in the lettuce being introduced to the continent. 

I apologize for the slow down in posts, but things are ramping up as we prepare for the fuel vessel followed by the cargo vessel (or vice versa, they still haven’t decided) here in the next week or so.  Approximately a third of the station is now on nights (say 300+ people) so I’m ramping up the movies on our mini-cable system.  I’m trying to give the mid-rats a good choice to keep them (as well as the NavChaps) occupied until the vessel gets in, which has certainly kept me occupied.  I’m now waking up at 10 or so generally and working from then till about 2am plus or minus breaks and other random outings.  This is now just about every day, although I try and take it easy on Sunday (which is tough given I have to tape the Sunday science lecture and make a few schedules).  I get my rest in though. 

Oh, btw, if I didn’t mention this the NavChaps are the Navy Cargo Handlers Battalion.  They fly 120 NavChaps in to expedite our cargo vessel offload and load up.  So they aren’t the worst in the world, but I’m not happy with them as they smoke like feigns (which is getting into my office), are uncouth, and are rather obnoxious.  Then again they could just be upsetting the fact that I knew most of the faces around here until they arrived and I’m now looking around saying "who are all these guys."  I guess they have some interesting stories to tell about how they became a nav chap (which seems to be the place they send you if you screw up at everything else).  Now they will shut the bars down once the vessels arrive, which is ostensibly because they had a NavChap alcohol poisoning death a while ago (or so that’s the rumor).  But, right now we haven’t got a clue when it’s coming in because of ice conditions and icebreaker problems.  So in the meantime we work like rabbits.

Hope Denver and the States are staying warm happy.  I’ll keep in touch.


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