Knitting & Welding

by wonderfullyrich on January 23, 2006

One is considered a man’s sport, the other a women’s domain.  Down here, all lines seem to be a bit looser, or maybe the gender equality is finally becoming a reality.  Over the last two month’s I’ve learned to do both.  Stick welding and knitting have been added to my repertoire of random things I can do, and I’m not the only one.  Several friends of mine have also learned to weld and learned to knit.

Now I’ve got a long way to go before I say I can give you a good three layer bead on a pipe or even a decent bead on a plate test, but at least I could weld your car to mine if it was necessary on junkyard wars. 🙂  To the credit of welders everywhere, I’ll have to say it’s drastically tougher to do then you think.  Getting a good bead and staying consistent is truly a hard thing to do, but it’ll have to admit that it’s gratifying to manage to connect to pieces of steel together, no matter how sloppy the thing looks. 

Strangely that’s also true for a piece of yarn.  Apparently I’m a bit of a tight knit sort of guy, but I’ve learned to cast on (and hopefully I won’t forget) and I know how to do your basic knit.  I can’t tell you that I’ve made anything more thing a pot holder yet, but at least I do know how to knit.  Maybe I’ll finally be able to make a knit hat or maybe even a sweater eventually. 

I think what’s more gratifying is to finally have learned these things I’ve been meaning to do for years.  I’ve picked up yoga, learned to knit, learned to weld, am learning (by my new job) how to get good shots, learning how to edit film (sort of), and all sorts of other small things along the way.  It’s sort of strange nearing the end of the season as it’s been sort of a blah time since the new years.  Morale around here isn’t all that great and many of us are looking forward to getting off the ice and into civilization again.  Craving the food we missed, the smells of life, the place where life is dark outside, having a variety of alcohol, or even where you have 2 days off a week… 

Ah, but I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on this as the time gets nearer.  Heck my roommate leaves tomorrow, and I’ll have a room to myself for a while (YAY!).  It probably won’t last more then a few days, but it’ll be nice. 🙂


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