The Annals of Nanook!

by wonderfullyrich on November 9, 2005

A weather update for you all, McMurdo station is finally getting a break from the wind we’ve had for the last several days.  The storm we were expecting didn’t quite come, unless it was just the wind.  Right now it’s about 15 Degrees Fahrenheit with no wind and lots of sun.  It’s supposed to get to 18 and stay there and be a wind chill of -25 tonight.

Now for those of you who are keeping up with my journey to the land before time, you may also want to catch up with my mentor’s journal of the time before land… 

But seriously Mr. "Billam" Scott started this journey for both himself and unintentionally for myself.  I blame him for getting paid to deal with these cookoos, circus clowns, and be in good company with them. 😉

My web memorial and archive is still on my website.  In fact I just re-read some of it and found it fun and interesting fro a new perspective, one of knowing the area he’s talking about in something less then the abstract.  Go do a bit of comparison…  His pictures and writing are at  Have fun reading!


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