I Caught a Fish: The Movie! & Maps

by wonderfullyrich on November 9, 2005

This is just a follow up to my announcement two weeks ago.  I finally got the video converted and uploaded to the website (http://www.wonderfullyrich.net/Photos/theice/60southvideos.html), so now you can see the whole incident yourself.  Look for the link to "I CAUGHT A FISH!!!"  It’s a fairly small video at 10mb so it should take to long on broadband (dial-up beware).

A quick amount of background, they fish here on the Ice for various bottom dwellers in order to do science on them and conduct various experiments.  We do actually get to eat some of the fish they bring up, as the scientists see it as a waste to do just throw out a fish after an autopsy.  This only happens once a year though, so we don’t get it often.  I’ll see if I can’t dig up a few pictures of what we call the Antarctic Cod, as it’s a huge fish, and you can see why we don’t need many to feed this place. 🙂

As to why I got to go fishing, it’s called a boondoggle, also known as a morale working trip.  Basically you go help out a scientist or the Field Safety crew, or a group around here and you’ll help do things like fish, or flag a route, or change out batteries on a repeater on a mountain. 

I also wanted to give you a view of just where DOWN here I am, so I’ve finally got maps and pictures of this glorious place on my website.  The links are at under “Maps and Videos of Antarctica and MacTown” at the same link above.  Undoubtedly I’ll be acquiring more as the time goes on.  This is the place where I’ll be putting them till the end of the season (or I run out of space on my website).   Either way this place should have a link to the maps, pictures, and videos.  I’ll be referencing these as time goes on so if you are keeping and have the time you may want to save the images, print the images, or bookmark where the images are for future reference. 

If you look at "Area Surrounding McMurdo (Map)" you can see Cape Evans is just a bit north of McMurdo.  It is also the location of Scott’s Hut (and I have pictures that will go up eventually).  It takes about an hour to get there, and we did it in a Piston Bully, which has no bloody suspension.  (Germans and their precision engineering, UGGH!)  Oh, just as a note, there are 3 huts around here, Discovery, Scott, and Shackleton, Discovery’s just outside of MacTown, and Shackleton Hut is at Terra Nova Bay. 

Have fun with the movie!

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