Sickness and work

by wonderfullyrich on November 29, 2005

I spent yesterday being sick to the stomach and therefore sleeping, laying around, drinking ginger tea, and generally taking it easy.  I do feel better today, I’ve managed to eat some ramen yesterday as well as bits of leftover turkey from thanksgiving.  I’ll be taking it easy and hopefully it’ll be better today.  Needless to say yesterday was a day off from work and I didn’t do much productive.  Strange as it seems being sick is the only way we generally get a day off down here.  When I first got here the sick day felt like an anomaly by it now feels normal that we live in this routine of near constant work. 

Of course there are two caveats to that.  We do get several two day weekends during the season.  (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I think.) In addition the pace isn’t what it’s first made out to be down here.  We do spend a lot of time working 9 hours a day for 6 days a week, but remember that this is a government project and a remote outpost.  Things don’t always get done as fast as they do back at home, sometime for legitimate reasons (lack of parts, cold, etc), sometimes because we just don’t move as fast here as we do at home.  This place is really pretty laid back in most respects and where as I was scared to jump from my self-employed life style of no alarm clock and working as I felt like to a mandatory 54 hour work week I shouldn’t have been. 

Many around me are much more busy then the PC techs here in town.  Heck even the helpdesk probably fields more work persay then we do, and I can say that a general assistant (GA) and dining assistant (DA) are probably quite a bit more busy then the town PC techs.  I’d have a hard time believing that anyone would get burnt out down here though (it does happen with some of the full timers though). 

We did just lose a rash of people this year in the Facilities, Maintenance, Engineering, & Controls (FEMC) for various reasons including getting burnt out, however I’m told these were all projects people. We’ve got several projects going on this year that have gone awry (missing deadlines, building not being level, and other problems) so stress was high this year.  FEMC also has had to deal with the brunt of the new Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) regulations that are maddening (can’t lift anything over 40 pounds, can’t be on anything over 4 feet without a tie off, etc. etc.) so it’s been a bad season for some of them.  At the same time, most have just been making bad jokes about what’s been happening and life seems to get on gettin’.

The same thing I hope ya damn (northern) Yankees are doing well. 🙂


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