Blind, Deaf, Dumb or just blissful ignorant?

by wonderfullyrich on November 29, 2004

Motorcycle diaries and Light it up in the span of 10 hours has a tendency to make an impression. Cold, dark, on a snowing night where your just trying to live a life that promotes humanity in a sustainable way. Seeing movies doesn’t do much for that, but living in the United States of America can sometimes make that very hard. Motorcycle diaries is a beautiful illustration of the humanity of our world. What we can do, where we came from, what we are doing to each other. Where as Light it up describes how the USA tends to mis-communicate with each other if we communicate at all.

I walk around each day lost in my own world of perspective where driving is killing us, lighting a fire for warmth can change the heat patterns of the world, where a disposable life is encouraged until it’s not marketable, and yet some how I manage to blot these and other facts out of my mind while I breath and entertain myself.

I’m lost in the contradiction and irony between living a life of sustainability and survivability, and one of denial and entertainment. We live in a world where reality is what we make it into via the media we feed ourselves. Not entirely by conspiracy or design does the USA become ignorant. Individually we are smart, but as a mass we are dumb, stupid, and panicky. We have more information at our fingertips because of the technology we possess, yet at the same time we can make our own information fill that void.

I’m angry at myself for being lazy and not finding a way to improve human communication. I’m angry at a humanity that is superstitious and ignorant of nature and reality. I’m depressed because I see a great mass of possibility flipping the coin on probability on bad odds.

We are so alike and so human, but yet so stuck in our own power and wealth. This is the USA and other developed nations. The distinct difference in quality of life is so drastic. A wealthy nation such as the US lives in a world where poverty exists, but the means and power to build structure or institutions is so common as to skew our perspective. We have built our own reality that is distinctly different then a majority of the population.

Do I blame myself, humanity, or nature/god for the ignorance of our race? (Blame being a human thought and trait makes that a rather odd question) Or perhaps I should just let things be and work towards and believe in the evolution of not just DNA, but human thought, human technology, and human development. We seem to like the idea of revolution as a social thought rather then evolution and I admit to falling into this thinking. Revolution is so fast and perhaps more tangible and gratifying as a thought experiment then is evolution which requires patience and generational time scales.

How much time though do we have before the technology an individual can posess either accidentally or intentionally will change (extinct, regress, or progress) the face of humanity?

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