Groundhog days and tshirts

by wonderfullyrich on June 10, 2013

Midwinter dinner is now less than two weeks away.  It sort of a dual celebration of the northern solstice and the middle of our deployed winter, although they coincided perfectly.  In my case it’s pretty close as I’ll be here till mainbody/summer, but for those who are out at winfly, it’s a little late.

In spite of the preparations and activity around the Midwinter dinner preparations, the days are definitely somewhat blending together.  I think of it as a ground hog day, after the Bill Murray movie.  We actually have more buildings, more things to do around here than most places on the continent.  This Winter we have Big Gym (ball sports), Gerbil Gym, a Weight Room, a open area Fitness room, Coffee house, 4 lounges, a Library, a “hot tub,” 3 saunas, 1 bar (with occasional burger cooking ability),  a computer kiosk area, a station store, one reservable “hut” (full kitchen, grill, lounge, & deck),  5 hikeable routes (some require pairs and radios), the Galley, and your own room.  There’s more fiddly bits, but you can see in the broad outline how we have lots packed into our station.  Inspite of all this stuff and all the events that we have pack into our week, it’s easy to get lost in the routine of it all.

Someone said something during a SAR training a few weeks ago which has stuck with me.  When you are checking A&O (Alert and Oriented) levels and ask what day is it, accept answers cookie day, cup cake day, pasta day, burger bar, trivia, waffle day, etc. We don’t delineated by driving to work, as we always eat at the same place and see the same people, so our markers are not calendar events.

To digress for a moment, it’s getting tougher for me to write coherently these days. What we call being “winter toasty” has set in and impacts our mental abilities.  In this way I apologize for the even more odd ball writing that you’ll get out of me.  I’ll talk about it in the future if I can sit down and write it up.

Anyway speaking of events, we just had the Tshirt/sticker vote.  As we only have 141 people on station now, we can’t make a bunch of different designs of tshirts and stickers.  Rather we submitted a few designs, then we voted.  You can see the ones I’ve submitted below, some of which might not have been in such good taste due to news about the previous medevacs, but they didn’t win so I won’t be printing them.   I did want to share them as you might find them funny or fun. 

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