A Celestial Week

by wonderfullyrich on April 26, 2013

This week has been all about the sun, the moon, and the stars, well after the unexpected plane that landed here on Monday.  It’s been exhausting, but amazingly fun.  Some of you may have read my previous post on the mechanics of final sunset, which was an interesting research project.  Following that post I went out and saw it the next day, taking timelapses of the set, the drive, and other silliness.  It was bloody cold, and I broke the lens on the SLR I’m using.  Inspite of that it was amazing.  I got pictures like what you see below.

Final Glimmer of Sunset

I also got this amazing timelapse of the sun rising and setting.  This is an interesting illusion as well.  Although the clouds obscure it quite a bit, you can definately see what is a sunset in this. This sunset is actually about an hour after what offical sunset happened. Conjecture is that we saw a reflection, either off the ice to the clouds, but it’s extremely vivid and quite impressive.  I probably won’t forget that for a while, as much because my toes won’t let me as anything. (I’m kidding, I have all 10 toes and fingers, as well as a shiny red nose). 

This is the youtube for the embeded timelapse below. 

Two days after the final sunset, April 25th at 6am NZDT we had a penumbral lunar eclipse.  I was a bit confused about, as the International date line tends to screw me up, but I did manage to get up early and go view the dimming of the moon.  I also got this timelapse below and I’ll quote what I wrote on the youtube notes below.

This is actually a timelapse of the penumbral lunar eclipse that happened on April 25th 2013, however as it’s with a Hero 3 it’s not really visible. This is an awesome timelapse though, you can see how the moon rather then tracking in an arch like we think of it normally, it’s tracking across the earth. Remember the Hero 3 has a 120 degree field of vision, but this couldn’t even keep it in view after 11900 pictures and almost 7 hours starting at about 5:30am. It didn’t set until almost 4pm in the afternoon (at least). Remember this is after the final winter sunset so although twilight comes up, and it’s pointed in generally the right direction, we didn’t see the sun all day.

And then I finally managed to get the telescope I found to work with the camera that I sort of broke.  It was just the lens though and not the body thankfully. But I got this other awesome photo on my second try.  I hope to get more as I get better with it and can tune it in better.  Maybe I can even get some star tracks which would be a nice consolation prize. To bad I didn’t it figured out before the eclipse, next time though.

McMurdo Moon

All in all, I’m absolutely I amazed I got any real work done this week.  Another week in paradise as we say, and boy did it fly!

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