First Trip Abroad Advice

by wonderfullyrich on September 30, 2010


I've still got the last of my burundian water posts to put up, and it's more or less finished, but needs some rethinking due to problems with the filter and original line of thought. In the meantime I was asked by to give some advice, due to my notorious traveling, to write a piece of travel advice on "your first trip."  I wrote up what struck me, and with Angela's proofing and a notion or two, I sent it off.  I found it was an amazingly useful exercise for me right now as traveling has become such a part of my existence, as well as the existence of most of the bazungu–literally meaning white people, but also used for upper class locals–that to consider what I would tell someone in the weeks before they get on a plane to someplace wholly different put things in perspective.  I have to admit, my thoughts where inspired by those around me and what I've read before and are no doubt a bit of a reinvention of the wheel.  Still good advice, but perhaps somewhat repetitive. (Although, it does take around 3 times to remember something…)

In anycase, go check it out.  They split it up into Part 3: Traveling on your Own, and Part 5: What experts have said.  Feel free to critique me and pester me with better info. 

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