by wonderfullyrich on June 7, 2010

I'm in Burundi again nearly a year after I  first arrived on the African continent.  I'll be here for about a month (till late June), working on a bunch of different things.  Primarily I'm here to help Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) as a technical consultant for the Frontline SMS implementation they are using for Election Monitoring, as well as helping the Friends Women's Association with a variety of technical things. I'm also here because Andrew is in Burundi, 9 months later, in his capacity as an evaluator for the US Institute for Peace grant and other general follow up he's doing (in association with his MA at Notre Dame's Kroc Insitute for Peace Studies).  I haven't seen him for over a year (or some family/friends in the states for more then two years).  Beyond this I've gotten tied into a few other random projects, such as some work with the BioSand Filter that CAWST makes and which they are training several communities here in Burundi to make, as well as tending "my flock" of computers, doing some web stuff for other peeps, working on a solar setup to deal with the constant power outages, and sundries other stuff.

I've got bunches of thoughts going on (mostly on water), but many of you asked if I'm headed back to the US soon.  I'd have to say that, assuming things remain okay, I'm not likely to head back anytime soon.  To many interesting things going on in Eastern Africa, much to work on, to little money to make it to the US and return to E. Africa.  I could make it one-way, but I think I'd go more crazy at home then I would working on things here.

Hopefully I'll get more updates soon.

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