It’s alive!

by wonderfullyrich on February 5, 2010

K’la List is alive! In the first 10 days, I’ve gotten 3,000 pageviews 700 visits with an average time of 6 minutes on the site per visit. For those of you who aren’t familiar with website statistics, this is a fairly amazing turn-out for a campaign focused on a country that’s primary medium is mobile communication (as opposed to broadband internet).

With 3 million people in the city of Kampala, I have a long way to go, but I’m reassured by continuing use of the website and the incremental increase in posts by people. Certainly people are very excited by the prospect of having a website like craigslist or gumtree around. Actually, because of the reactions I’ve been getting and there feedback, I recently decide on putting up a Missed Connections section. Although I’ve been avoiding creating personals where sex could be sold, I was convinced that Missed Connections could provide a useful outlet perhaps be an amusing read, while at the same time be relatively harmless in propagating the already rampant prostitution here in Kampala.

Hopefully people enjoy the new area. I’m still trying to put the word out, less in a digital way right now–as I think I’ve penetrated my network of digital contacts in Uganda–and more on the ground in coffee shops, internet cafes, maybe an article in a paper (if I can swing it) and just glad handing as many people as I can.

I’ve been getting people and places to hand out cards about the website, but I’ve begun to consider the idea of some form of a gimmick. I haven’t figured out what, maybe a giveaway or a chance at featured ads maybe, but if you have a good idea, drop me a line! Things are looking good for the site though.

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