Getting hacked…

by wonderfullyrich on January 23, 2010

A quick reminder to change your passwords regularly. There are more up to date guides, but password guide I wrote years ago is still fairly valid. Also it’s worth looking at my post on revisiting your personal security.

Last night after watching a movie, I noticed I was logged out of gmail, which isn’t odd, but it was odd that my password wasn’t working. I located the recovery method and was able to go to my back up account, retrieve the link, and reset my Gmail account.

Unfortunately I found out to late that someone else had access to my account. I knew it was a hack because looking at my activity information (a link near the bottom of your Gmail box) showed the IP, which I did a reverse look-up on and found out was a Bangladesh DSL address. I know of one person who has been in Bangladesh, but no one currently and certainly didn’t allow anyone my password.

Thankfully I caught it with-in 22 mins of the access, so they didn’t have much time in my account. I have done a full password change-up on all major accounts, but I’m fairly well convinced they haven’t got much useful info. They tried a further password reset on my account.

All in all that was a frightening reminder that it’s technological prowess is a survival trait these days. Stay on top of your passwords, change them regularly, maintain some diligence on your account information, and do your best to keep up on trends.

I don’t know how they got my password, but I’m not going to let them keep it.

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