we been cat burgaled

by wonderfullyrich on September 8, 2009

We’ve had a new troupe of cats hanging around outside Sarah’s house here. Out of the block of 4 attached houses, they seem to know when we are making things and are always outside. Mama and her 3 littl’n are often in view or meowing outside as we eat dinner.

We were having Jon and Sarah over for some pesto and wine, so I was making racket in the kitchen, with the drawers below the counter open after finding the right pan, and in my own world with my audio book. As I was preparing for tonight’s pesto-ctular meal I also left the sliding glass door open. Little did I know that had cat burglars coming in the house. The littl’n were wandering around the living room exploring when I came out of the kitchen to place a dish on the table.

Like watching children play hide and go seek, they scattered in a curve all heading for the door… except that one that decides that the couch looks like a good place to hide. I got him/her out from under the couch, only to have him/her run into the kitchen. Of course that’s a lost cause with the stove, refrigerator, and an open counter drawer open.

I took apart the kitchen and couldn’t find the littl’n so I assume he/she got out when I wasn’t looking. And figured I’d try again later.

Dinner was great. Salad, pesto pasta, “French Bread” Ugandan style, and banana bread crumble with a few bottles of wine made a great conversation and fun night. Then I see a head pop out of of the kitchen… At which point I recount the early happenings and we all laugh while I take the kitchen apart again.

Cute though he/she might be, he’s also smart enough to find a spot out of view, as he/she managed to follow a pipe hole into another drawer and was behind a box so entirely unseen, and sprung right back the same way he/she came in to fast for me to track. The chase leads back to the couch at which point everyone is standing and cat clucking, trying to entice the littl’n out the door to rejoin mom.

Meanwhile this explains why mom and kids were outside hanging out more then usual outside the window. No meowing, but in retrospect they were definitely worried family. (Not to mention probably hungry).

So after a bit of chasing around (and a few smacks into now closed doors) we managed to re-unite mama and littl’n, who I hope has learned from this curiosity experience so the proverb won’t come true…

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