Checking in

by wonderfullyrich on August 31, 2009

As I haven’t posted in a while, I thought people might like to know what’s going on.  I’m in Kampala, Uganda, as my 3 month tourist visa in South Africa was up.  I’m staying with a friend of my brother’s here while I hunt for a job in eastern africa, and perhaps debate a return home.

I’ve been loving the new house I’m in back in Cape Town. but I’m running low on funds and finding the visa/job market in Cape Town a bit hard to work out.  So coupled with Angela’s imminent return to the US–she’ll be done with her dissertation in November and her visa is up in January–I’m contemplating my next move.  Ideally I’d like to find a job here in Eastern Africa, but I may have to return to the states myself as money is getting low.

I don’t relish this idea, especially now as I’m in Kampala and enjoying the chaotic, non-western existence.  Strangely, my fear being in Cape town has diminished somewhat by being a more chaotic place.  The distinct inequalities of Cape Town with it’s wealthy and tourist centers surrounded by the poorer townships and there informal settlements coupled with a political background which breeds a sense fear and uncommunity vs the unknown of a new city here in Kampala which, although might be just as inequal but has a very different inital feel when walking on the street.  Maybe it’s the heat or the altitude, but I feel amped at being here, keen to find a job and make it a home if I can.

It’s strange as when I walked off the plane and out of the terminal, I found myself feeling comfortable and somewhat content at the thrill of a new place. Of course that might have been the sleep deprived disorientation after having spent an overnight on Jo’burg’s airport bench (good god I hate airports that don’t think about people who want to sleep). In any case I’m kicking it around Kampala till the 10th, and I hope to get out to another of Andrew’s friend who’s doing a Peace Corp stint two hours away. I’ve been timelapsing my life away, so maybe I’ll have something to show here after a few months…

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