The worst bloody nose I’ve had

by wonderfullyrich on April 8, 2009

And it was intentional too.  I’m recovering at home now, and I’ll write what I can before I take my pain meds and become incoherent again.

I woke up this morning at 5:15am took a shower, got dressed, and was at the bus stop at 6:00.  Got to the hospital around 6:20 and got my patient arm band, filled out some paperwork, and waited for a while.  once they took me back, they mused have asked me 5-10 times, while they looked at my arm band, what my name was and what my birthdate was.  Not to mention the “are you allergic to medication” question which seemed endless.

During that period though I was comfy and warm, as they had this “bear claw” warming gown which they hooked up to a device that feed hot air into a sleve in my gown.  Quite cute really as it was cold.

Once they finally got me stuck with my IV, felt that I was who I said I was, and everyone signed off on me, they rolled me into the OR.  The last thing I remember was looking at the oxygen mask, then I woke up (like in the movies) in recovery.  Me being me, I asked the nurse to show me my stats, and she being a good nurse said just lie back and rest.

I was feeling slightly confused, but otherwise not in much pain at that point.  I shivered like mad (still am) due to the general ansetic. The smart man that I was, I brought my little digital recorder with me and recorded the discharge instructions.  I have the instructions too, but the recording was a big help. (He thought it was a smart idea too.)

I think I left the hospital to early as although I was feeling fine at the time, once alex and I got into the cab, I realized how miserable I felt.  The discharge nurse said it would be a low pain recover, but highly miserable one.  I feel as if I have to cry all the time due to having packing in my sinus.  The pressure is extremely miserable.

Thanks to Alex and his wonderfully patient self, we stopped by Giant (supermarket) and got my perscriptions, a bit of food, and some seven-up.  We walked home from there as it seemed to help me get my mind off being miserable.  Once at home he warmed me up the chicken noodle soup, and I sat on the couch.  I can’t lie down for till they take the packing out.  I decided I was to miserable to stand this for very long and called my doctor to ask if I could take something other then the Percoset they gave me at the hospital 2 hours before, which didn’t seem to be helping enough.

Thankfully once I took my Oxycodone, and he called back, he told me I could take it more often (slightly) and actually that seemed to help.  Since then I have migrated upto my bed, and have been fading in and out.

This is by far the worse sinus pain I’ve felt, and I hope the cure is worth the pain.  I’ve been in to much pain to get up and look at the mirror to see if my gauze bled through, so I have some gore pictures to look at.  I’ve also been putting status updates on facebook as things change.  You can see a picture of me in the cab, there.

Many hours later, after figuring how to breath through my nose carefully (I’m not going to explain how that’s possible) I am feeling better.  I still feel as if I have to pee huge amounts, which I don’t understand (it’s clear though so I’m okay).  Glasses are still painful, so I’m going to sign off here.

I have to say many many thanks to Alex.  He helped me in ways I can’t repay while coming home.

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